Belligerent Madness

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Na této stránce si můžete stáhnout Belligerent Madness písmo, které patří do rodiny Belligerent Madness (Regular obrysu). Designér - Font Monkey (P.D. Magnus) (pro komunikaci použijte následující adresy: Stáhněte Belligerent Madness zdarma na Toto písmo patří do následujících kategorií: brushed, distressed, grunge. Velikost písma – pouze 47 Kb

Písmo Belligerent Madness
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Rodina Belligerent Madness
Obrysy Regular
Celé jméno Belligerent Madness
Název PostScriptu BelligerentMadness
Velikost 47 Kb
Designér Font Monkey (P.D. Magnus)
URL designéra
Popis licence This font is copyright 2008 by P.D. Magnus. Like all the Fontmonkey fonts, it is free for for all commercial or non-commercial use. To be clear: They do not cost anything. If you do use them for something, though, I would love to here about it. I would appreciate a sample of the thing for which you used the font, a photo of it, or even just an e-mail telling me about it. You can contact me via the website or by e-mail at [email protected] You are also encouraged to acknowledge fontmonkey or link to me, although neither is strictly speaking required. The font files may be freely distributed provided this license, attribution to me, and the fontmonkey URL are included. VERSION HISTORY 26apr2008 first release

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