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Na této stránce si můžete stáhnout 3dumb písmo verze Version 1.000, které patří do rodiny 3Dumb (Regular obrysu). Výrobcem písma je Michael Tension. Designér - Tension Type. Stáhněte 3dumb zdarma na CS.AllFont.net. Toto písmo patří do následujících kategorií: 3d písma, casual, childish. Velikost písma – pouze 139 Kb

Písmo 3dumb
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Rodina 3Dumb
Obrysy Regular
Odsazení 1.000;pyrs;3dumb
Celé jméno 3dumb
Verze Version 1.000
Název PostScriptu 3dumb
Výrobce Michael Tension
Velikost 139 Kb
Obchodní značka 3dumb is a trademark of Michael Tension.
Designér Tension Type
Popis licence By downloading and/or installing a Tension Type Free Font you agree to this licence: This Tension Type Free Font is free to use in any and all of your personal and commercial work. A donation is much appreciated, but not necessary (donations may be done through PayPal to: [email protected]). No donation is too small. You may install and use an unlimited number of copies of a Tension Type Free Font. Reproduction and Distribution. You may reproduce and distribute an unlimited number of copies of a Tension Type Free Font; provided that each copy shall be a true and complete copy, including all copyright and trademark notices (if applicable), and shall be accompanied by a copy of this text file. Copies of the Font may not be distributed for profit either on a standalone basis or included as part of your own product unless by prior permission of Tension Type. You may not rename, edit or create any derivative works from a Tension Type Free Font, other than subsetting when embedding them in documents unless you have permission from Tension Type. Embedding a Tension Type Free Font in a PDF document and web pages is allowed. Michael Tension and Tension Type are not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this Tension Type Free Font. Any questions, or if you wish to share your designs, please contact Michael Tension: [email protected] Thanks a ton, Michael Tension

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